Tuesday, August 14, 2012

JQuery Validation UI Plugin 1.3 Released - Client Side Validation without writing JavaScript

I would like to announce the JQuery Validation UI Plugin 1.3 and JQuery Validation Plugin 1.9 released. This feature release increase the flexibility of error message display and tip-based message (qtip) is disabled by default to support non-obtrusive error message display and the use of the plugin in mobile HTML5 application.

If you are new to the JQuery Validation UI Plugin, the plugin brought Javascript Validator, Custom Constraints, Remote Constraints, JQuery Validation plugin and qTip (jQuery tooltip plugin) under the same root and deliver comprehensive client-side validation solution.

What's New:
  • Fixed Issue #7: Links in jquery.qtip.css are not correct.
  • Added errorContainer, errorLabelContainer, errorElement, errorWrapper(wrapper), highlight, unhighlight, onkeyup and qtip attributes for renderValidationScript tag and configuration items. qtip = false (disabled), onkeyup = true (enabled) by default.
  • As qtip disabled by default, created jquery-validation-ui-qtip resource module to include qtip resources.
  • Remove install-sampleapp script and sample app codes.
  • Two sample applications created for Grails 1.3.9 with Grails standard theme and Grails 2.1.0 with Twitter Bootstrap theme
Sample App in Grails 1.3.9

Sample App in Grails 2.1.0

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