Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Grails Activiti Plugin 5.5 Released

I would like to announce the Grails Activiti Plugin 5.5 Released.

Grails Activiti Plugin was created to integrate Activiti BPM Suite and workflow system to Grails Framework.
With the Grails Activiti Plugin, workflow application can be created at your fingertips!

What's New:
  • Upgrade Activiti's jar files and examples to 5.5. Ported the Activiti's examples from JUnit3 to JUnit4.
  • Fixed Issue 10: deleteTask with custom domain class.
  • Add a new command activiti-quickstart to install plugin's index.gsp, logo, favicon and default H2 DataSource.grooy into the project. The index.gsp no longer install by default.
  • Add businessKey support when start a process instance by assign a value to params.businessKey.
  • Must use activiti-spring-security plugin 0.4.2 or above for Spring Security Integration.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Is Grails Activiti Plugin production ready? Here is how people use it in production.

I posted this question "How do you use Grails Activiti Plugin?" last month to the plugin's discussion forum to find out how people use the plugin. I am glad and appreciated kindness of plugin users to share their experiences.

The following are some production usages of the Grails Activiti Plugin:

"We're re-writing a home-grown workflow management system to an order and production management system with Activiti as the BPM side. Its not in production yet but will be in use in 2012Q1." by Ned Wolpert

"I'm about to start a new business within an existing company. The new business is around BPM consulting and the supporting IT systems, with a strong focus on logistics processes. After checking several options I've chosen the combination of Grails/Activiti/ExtJs 4 to develop thew new system. I've developed a prototype for our new system and I must say that this combination works just wonderful!" by Markus Menner

"I'm using the grails activiti plugin in an application for call-center employees. The idea is support these employees with data from everywhere out of the organization. I use the activiti engine to support call-back appointments: if the call-center employee isn't able to give an answer to the customer, he creates an appointment for a colleague." by Richard Polderman

"I'm using it to control process performance in geoprocessing internal services. It's a process automation of services like topographic mapping. We are not creating automatic maps or anything like that. It's a simple tool we are using to measure business performance. We'll be using it to track performance and promote people based on results they give. In a near future we could use it in a six sigma project." by Alberto Barcelos

Lastly, I'd love to hear your sharing on how you use the plugin in the comments section below and you can find out more about how others use the plugin in this thread.