My Open Source Grails Plugins

Time was passing fast, the first grails plugin developed by me is appengine-gorm was released since 01 November 2009.

Since the first grails plugin released, I had released quite a number of grails plugins as the followings:-
Grails Activiti Plugin (activiti) - Enabled Activiti BPM Suite support for Grails
This plugin is created to integrate Activiti BPM Suite and workflow system to Grails Framework. With the Grails Activiti Plugin, workflow application can be created at your fingertips!

Activiti Spring Security Plugin (activiti-spring-security) - Activiti Spring Security Integration
Integrates Spring Security to Activiti as custom identity service of Activiti.

Grails Dynamic Domain Class Plugin (dynamic-domain-class) - Create domain class on-the-fly
The Dynamic Domain Class plugin enabled Grails application to create domain class dynamically when application is running.

Grails Form Builder Plugin (form-builder) - Create Online Forms without Coding
The Grails Form Builder Plugin supports user to create online forms in web browser without any programming knowledge.

JQuery Validation UI Plugin (jquery-validation-ui) - Client Side Validation without writing JavaScript
The JQuery Validation UI Plugin will bring Javascript Validator, Remote Constraints, Custom Constraints, jQuery Validation plugin and qTip (jQuery tooltip plugin) under the same root and deliver solution more than the jQuery Validation Engine.

Mahout Recommender Plugin (mahout-recommender) - A Scalable Recommendation System
The Mahout Recommender plugin enabled you to use Apache Mahout recommendation algorithms in your Grails project. With the plugin, you can find an effective recommender, evaluating precision and recall, and evaluating the performance of the selected recommender without writing single line of code.

Multi-Tenant Spring Security Integration (multi-tenant-spring-security)
Integrates the multi-tenant-core plugin with spring-security-core plugin, so the current tenant can be determined from the authenticated principal.

JQuery Form Builder Plugin (jquery-form-builder) - JQuery WYSIWYG Web Form Builder
Simply supplies jQuery Form Builder plugin resources, and depends on the jQuery plugin and jQuery UI plugin to include the supporting libraries.

JQuery DataTables Plugin (jquery-datatables)
This plugin simply supplies jQuery DataTables plugin resources, and depends on the jQuery plugin to include the core jquery libraries.

JQuery JSON Plugin (jquery-json) - Convert JSON to String and back again
This plugin simply supplies jQuery JSON resources, and depends on the jQuery plugin to include the core jquery libraries.

JQuery Validation Plugin (jquery-validation)
Simply supplies jQuery Validation resources, depends on jQuery plugin.

Grails Uni-Form Plugin (uni-form) - Making Web Forms Simple as 1, 2, 3.
Simply supplies Uni-Form resources.

The App Engine GORM Plugin (appengine-gorm) - Batch insert, update and delete operation support in Google App Engine.
This plugin work with App Engine Plugin and GORM JPA plugin to allow Grails application running in Google App Engine(GAE) perform batch insert, update and delete operation.

Grails Chiba Web Plugin (chiba-web) - Enabled XForms processing in Grails
Grails Chiba Web Plugin is created to integrate Chiba ( server-side XForms 1.1 implementation to Grails Framework.

Grails JUnit Web Runner Plugin (junit-web-runner)
This plugin is created based on Kotori Web JUnit Runner project ( which is a JUnit Runner GWT application that helps to run in-container test cases in Google App Engine(GAE) Development or Production Server.

I wish the plugins listed above are useful to you and your feedback are highly appreciated.