Monday, April 30, 2012

Grails Adoption In Malaysia

In my opinion, Grails Framework is great, matured and the most productive technology stack for web application development in Java platform.

I still remembered that I conducted a demo session for Grails in a training room to my fellow developers in 2007, the framework was version 0.6, but I saw it great potential to make web development in Java platform so much simple compares to other alternatives available at that time. It is a big leap forward, not a small improvement. I agreed with the tagline of Grails, "the search is over". Now, my thought remain the same.

What is the reality out there? The reality of Java technology adoption in Malaysia was slow and dominated and lead by big technology companies like IBM and Oracle. I find out that the current status of Grails adoption in Malaysia is like SpringFramework in 2003. It is cool technology that adopted by minority. As per today, SpringFramework is mainstream technology stack that adopted by many Java shops after I spoken to few software managers.

As my base was in Malaysia and I have no plan for relocation or to work oversea, I being forced to stick with SpringFramework and pick up Spring Roo recently even I think Grails is a superior framework for web application development in Java platform in term of simplicity and productivity. I'd love hear your comments if you have different opinions.

The challenge is "How do we, as lead developer, project manager or team lead improve the adoption of new technology stack like Grails in Malaysia?". What do you think?

Lastly, thanks for taking your time to read this post and if you have plan to launch a web application project and free of choice for technology stack [you know my preference ;-)], I'm ready to listen to your plan and happy to work with you. Kindly contact me at

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