Friday, March 11, 2011

Resurrection of Malaysia Groovy and Grails User Group

Two days ago, I google "Grails Malaysia", I found this thread "Groovy/Grails folks in Malaysia or Singapore?" in Grails User forum and Malaysia Groovy and Grails User Group. As commented by Steve, the Malaysia Groovy and Grails User Group is look like non-existent or spam mailing list. I look into the threads of Malaysia Groovy and Grails User Group and find out that there are handful of threads related to Groovy and Grails, many are spam as per Steve's comments.

If you are Malaysia's Groovy and Grails supporter, will you join a user group that have full of spam messages? I doubt it. Like many people, when I saw so many spam messages in the front page (I hate spam!), I quickly move my mouse pointer to "x" to close my browser window and leave the user group, when I move my finger and just before I press a left click button of my mouse, a "light bulb" pop up from my mind - What if every Malaysia's Groovy and Grails developer visited this user group and leave, this user group will become ghost town as commented by the group owner.

So, I decided to join the user group and try to remove all spam messages, in few minutes time I find out that group member only can report spam, not delete spam. So I send an e-mail to the group owner to request for ownership of the user group. Thanks for his quick response and granted me the owner right on the same day and ask me "What's your plan for the group? I'd like to be involved."

The following message was my response to him:
The short term plan is to make the group a "clean" place for local groovy and grails developer to hang out:
1. Clean up spam messages
2. Kick out spammer(s) from the group
3. Make an announcement (this group come back "live") and blog about it (need your help to spread the news)

Long term....? I hadn't think of it yet. :)
After I responded to him, I continue my work and plan to re-visit the user group in the evening. You guess what? When I re-visit the user group, the group owner had completed item 1. and item 2 above. Thank you so much! So, it is my turn to do item 3.

If you are Groovy and Grails supporter from Malaysia, please join the user group, invite people like you to join the user group. Do you see the orange button on right top of this blog? Do you like it? Please embed code snippet below to your blog, twitter, etc. to help to promote Malaysia Groovy and Grails User Group.

<a href="" title="Join Malaysia Groovy and Grails User Group"><img alt="Join Malaysia Groovy and Grails User Group" src="" height="100%" width="100%" border="0" /></a>

If you are using, you can embed the code above to your blog using HTML/JavaScript gadget without any adjustment. Otherwise, please adapt the code above to your blog, twitter, etc. (Please let's me know if you not sure how to do so). The code snippet above support black color background, if your background is white, please change malaysia-ggug-bg-black.png to malaysia-ggug-bg-white.png.

Thanks for reading. It is your turn to take action!

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iamsteveholmes said...

This is great news, Lim. When I was in KL back in December I wanted to get together with other Groovy/Grails developers in malaysia but wasn't able to find any. I'm the group leader for SacGRU (Sacramento Groovy User's) and thought it would be very cool to make the international connection.

Our site is at if you'd like to look us up.

Lim Chee Kin said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for writing.

Groovy/Grails developers were super minority in Malaysia, I attempt to make the user group as a medium to connect this small community. Do you have any suggestion?

Any idea of how should we making the international connection?

I had developed few Grails plugins, let's see whether would you be interested to join any of them at

iamsteveholmes said...

Hey Lim, I would like to add you to the GUGLeader google group. Either you could go there and sign up or if you could send me your email somehow I'd be happy to add you.

Lim Chee Kin said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for invitation. I just signed up to the group.