Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Looking For Developers Working On Open Source Project In Malaysia

On last Thursday, 24 February 2011 I sent out the following message with subject "Looking for Web Application Developer" to 80 friends of mine who working in IT industry via Facebook Messages:

Hi there,

I am looking for Web Application Developer experienced in JQuery (http://jquery.com/), Subversion (SVN) and optionally server-side technology such as Grails (http://www.grails.org/), PHP, ASP or etc. to work on an open source project.

If you are interested, I can be contacted via e-mail: myemail@mydomain.com or my mobile: +6012 9999 999.

Otherwise, If you know anyone who have the development skills mentioned above included students, junior developers, experience developers or whoever involved in web development or working in IT industry, kindly help me forward this message to them.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Chee Kin

Also, I personally contacted 25 people out of 80 via one-to-one instant messaging or phone conversation and managed to get their agreement to help me forward the message to their friends who working in IT industry. Highly appreciation to 25 helpful friends, thank you so much for your support and effort to send out the message.

The same message also published or posted to two popular Malaysia Open Source Developer Communities: jobs-list@lists.foss.org.my (Mailing List) and http://groups.google.com/group/osdcmy-list (Online Group), which pending for approval by moderator at the moment.

Few close friends of mine commented that it is tough to get local developers working on open source project based on common interest and voluntary basis, I tend to agree with their comment. But I insisted to try it out and interested to see how things turn out. We'll see...

Edited on 08 March 2011:
Highly welcome to experience developers below who agreed to join my open source projects:
  1. Eswara from India (based in U.S at the moment), joined the JQuery Form Builder Plugin project.
  2. Liu Chao from Shang Hai, China, joined the JQuery Validation UI Plugin project.
  3. Yang Qing from Beijing, China, joined the JQuery Form Builder Plugin project and Grails Form Builder Plugin project.
Where are you, my dear Malaysian developers?

I'd love to hear your comments for any great ideas on recruiting developers working on open source project.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chee,

Yes, please insist it needs to be interest based, otherwise you have to worry about a lot of things include the code quality and any risk of delay etc...

Don't pay people on this unless there is no other options, instead, try other awards like to make the project better and fun, make a robust community or some offline/online team buildings or just teach people learn Chinese (1 hour a week) so everybody could have a lot of fun~~


Lim Chee Kin said...

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Hm..., You are right, I should think of some other ways to reward people.