Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Request For Comment: JQuery Form Builder Plugin

The JQuery Form Builder Plugin is the first JQuery plugin created by me. Finally, the first demo of the Form Builder went live and hosted in Google App Engine (GAE) at

Please take note that the live demo was tested in Firefox and Google Chrome browser only, if you see some thing odd for the layout and found some issues when running the Form Builder in your browser, please create an issue report included browser version and OS at

I would like to seeking your reviews, comments and advices for Design, API and Source Code of the project. Please let's me know if you have more efficient way to do the same thing, let's me learn from you.

The missing portion of the project is implementation of QUnit test suites, if you have expertise in QUnit, we welcome your contributions and advices.

You can find out more information about the project at

Lastly, you are invited to join the project discussion forum at to tell us what you think about the project.

Thanks for reading.

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Kevin Yuan said...

So Cool!!!
The best form generator ever in Grails. I love the idea that integrate with Jquery!

DB said...

Hi Chee Kin,

I ran the benchmarks on my Mac laptop and got results that are proportional to yours, except "GSP - both" consistently took four times longer to complete than "GSP - Template Creation".

As far as avoiding the PermGen explosion, I'm embarrassed to say that my workaround doesn't work at all! I was only able to complete the 500-loop "GSP - both" by increasing my JVM memory parameters.

I was also able to complete the test or by changing the load test to make 500 sequential ajax requests each one triggering just a single loop in the controller. Changing the test merely gave the JVM an opportunity to garbage-collect periodically. It did not make much difference to the "GSP - both" test run time.

To summarize: I couldn't find a way to improve the performance of GSP compilation nor to solve the out of memory error.

limcheekin said...

@Kevin, thanks for encouragement. May I know did you have any idea to further improve the form builder?

@DB, I think this comment should belong to blog post titled "FreeMarker vs. GSP for Dynamic Template Rendering, Revisited." at

Many thanks for taking effort and time to run the tests, try solve the PermGen issue and giving valuable feedback.

I think we had done enough to make a wise decision: use FreeMarker as dynamic template engine for the form builder plugin.

xao said...

Any more development/updates on this project?

limcheekin said...

Hi Xao,

Please see my reply to your question in discussion group at

kholoud hemmat said...


I have used the form builder on my app and stored the resulting json
structure in DB using Asp.Net. Now I would like to edit that form and modify, let's
say, a field name. How could I load the existing form?
I'm using jquery to submit the form to a web method and save the form in the DB