Friday, February 22, 2013

JQuery Validation UI Plugin 1.4.1 Released - Client Side Validation without writing JavaScript

I would like to announce the JQuery Validation UI Plugin 1.4.1 released. If you are new to the JQuery Validation UI Plugin, the plugin brought Javascript Validator, Custom Constraints, Remote Constraints, JQuery Validation plugin and qTip (jQuery tooltip plugin) under the same root and deliver comprehensive client-side validation solution.

What's New:
  • Fixed Issue #14: No such property: request for class: org.grails.jquery.validation.ui.JqueryValidationService. (by bluesliverx)
  • Fixed Issue #15: i18n Messages that have single quotes in them are not escaped properly. (by bluesliverx)
  • Fixed Issue #22: Mixing private and public/protected methods… error. (by Michael Kimsal)
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1 comment:

Luismy said...

Hi Lim!

First of all I'd like to say thanks for developing this plugin. I've been using it in different Grails applications and it's indeed a useful plugin :)

I've tried the latest release (1.4.1) and unfortunately issue #14 is still broken. I've added a comment in the repository with the solution as it's just a missing import.